Monday, September 5, 2011

Introducing Us

We are your everyday, normal family. Oh yeah, except for one thing.....our littlest boy Malachi is bilaterally profoundly deaf. This coming Wednesday he will be getting his first cochlear implant. October 12th, 2011 will be his second surgery.

For this reason I have created this blog. After we found out that Malachi was deaf we started researching for any kind of help or support. There isn't a deaf community in our little town in South Carolina and the nearest deaf school was over 3 hours away. I figured there must be people like us (hearing parents with a profoundly deaf child who wanted to do CIs and learn ASL). I have had the hardest time find someone with our similar story. All I wanted was someone to relate to and to ask questions. Luckily, I was introduced to a friend's brother who had a friend in North Carolina. She is hearing and has a daughter who is fluent in ASL and also has cochlear implants. I have already found comfort in her words and answers to my questions.

However, I felt very strongly that I needed to chronicle our journey with Malachi. Write about our struggles, our choices, and of course the joy. I hope I can help someone else by offering up a look into our lives.

First there's the Daddy. Brian is a Spanish teacher, a cross country coach and works several other small part time jobs to keep us going. He has a special gift for languages and is already getting pretty good at ASL He loves his little boys and would do anything for them. He is supportive and the best husband I could ever ask for.

Then there's me, the Mommy. I'm Kandra. I am a stay at home mom and my life revolves around my boys. I co-coach cross country will Brian on the side as well.

Brandon is our oldest boy and right now he is three years old. He is a great big brother. He is loaded with energy. He is going going all day long. He doesn't really understand that Malachi is deaf.

Malachi is our sweet boy. He is super squish-able. Strangers stop us at grocery stores, restaurants, and at the park just to tell us how beautiful he is. He has yet to meet a person he won't smile at. He is an extremely content and happy person. And as you read earlier, he is bilaterally profoundly deaf. (Oh, yes and he is currently 14 months).

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  1. thank you for making this! i love it :D

    there are families out there who are looking for answers and support and you and brian's willingness to share your story and chronicle your decisions and adventures as a family will no doubt be a comfort to other families out there <3.

    you are wonderful, and certainly an inspiration to many; and not only those who are dealing with little angels with deafness! love you and i love the blog!!