Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cochlear Processor Equipment

Alright. After Malachi was activated, our audiologist gave us this monster of a case:
It's huge people. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I thought I would explain all of the "equipment stuff" that came with Malachi's Nucleus 5 processor because I honestly had no idea what to expect, and my mind was kind of blown by everything you need!

The "extra pieces" are the coils, ear hooks, wires, and magnets that are small pieces and tend to get the most use and are lost most often. We also have different sizes of ear hooks to grow with him as his ear get bigger.  The white cases are the original cases the processor, coil, remote assistant came in. We have euro adapters for the remote assistant and rechargeable batteries in the event that we travel outside the US. 

The "Cedis" white box is full of drying packets for the traveling case. I actually forgot to get a picture of the traveling case. I'll explain what they are for later. I have a headset (ear buds) that I can plug into the processor to make sure the microphones are working properly. We are only using rechargeable batteries right now, but we do have extra zinc air batteries. You use two per processor. They are like super hearing aid batteries. The audiologist told us if we used regular hearing aid batteries they would only last about an hour. Last is the pocket to hold all the accessories and batteries.

These are all the manuals for the remote assistant and processor.

Now the fun stuff. These are all the little accessories. The blue covers are kind of fun. We have two of them because cochlear gives you two processors per ear in case one fails, you then have a back up. Below those is the processor with the snug fit piece and coil/magnet attached to it. The coil is what connects to the internal implant and turns it on. The processor has the microphones on top and takes in the sound and processes the sound into electrodes to be sent through the wire, into the coil and then into the implant inside Malachi's ear. The snug fit piece helps keep the processor on Malachi's ear when he is rolling around. It's also helpful for older kids that are running around and/or playing sports. There are three types of batteries. The regular rechargeable, the compact rechargeable (that is what we currently have on Malachi because it's smaller and not as heavy), and the zinc air batteries with cover. I haven't completely mastered the remote assistant, but it's nice to be able to check the status of Malachi's processor without taking it off his ear. It kind of looks like a iPod lol. The tool is a little pick that I use to turn small dials and nobs on the processor to lock the the batteries into place so he can't take it apart.

Finally, on the left is the rechargeable battery device. I can also plug the remote assistant into this to charge. Oh and did I mention that the remote assistant charging cable is a USB? Yes, I can charge it and plug it into my computer. Crazy. The Zephyr is a dehydrator of sorts. Inside is a packet of special chemicals. It plugs in and at night I put the processor inside and turn it on. It removes any moister build up. It lengthens the life of the processor by doing this. 

Cochlear actually forgot to send Malachi's back up processor, but luckily we haven't needed it! They expedited it to the audiologist next day, but then she has been gone for two weeks because she got married! 

It's quite the crazy set up and from what I understand, we'll be getting the same stuff for the right ear. Also of note: This is what the case looks like after I thoroughly dejunked it and threw out all the extra boxes and papers that we not necessary. 

If you have any questions, let me know and I will write a post answering anything I missed :)

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