Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keep Looking Up

(I have to give credit to my friend Katie Healey for coming up with the post/movie name "Keep Looking Up". )

Our audiologist appointment was about an hour long. It went great. We had about 23 minutes of video by the end. I spent 2 hours cutting it down and making this movie!

On a side note, we also saw the pediatric ENT for a post-op. Malachi's ear is completely and perfectly healed. The dermabond is still peeling off and he said it was no big deal, if it's not off by the next surgery (Oct 12) he'd just take it off during surgery.

However, Malachi has been sick (I even had to take him to the ER two nights ago). Our pediatrician and the ER doctor weren't sure, but didn't think Malachi had an ear infection in his left ear, the one that's implanted. The ENT said that it was definitely infected yesterday. Good thing the ER doctor thought it was best to put Malachi on antibiotics since he is really good at getting ear infections. We had a follow up with the pediatrician today and she got to see what Malachi's ear looks like for sure infected.

So now when we implant his right ear we are going to put tubes in as well. Whenever he gets a cold/stuffy nose/allergies he gets at least one ear infected. We've dealt with about 9 ear infections since January! I'm over it I tell you!

Now we're moving on. Malachi can hear a door bell, loud clapping, a elevator bell, and a toy train whistle. I'll post later about the details of the cochlear processor and all that fun stuff. Hooray for technology!

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